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Cameron Bloch enjoyed a rich career at The Associated Press as a photographer, reporter, writer and photo editor. He has exhibited photographs at various venues including the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed Museum, Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library, the Modernage and CPW25 galleries in New York, and Canio’s Book Store in Sag Harbor. Newspapers and magazines world wide, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, People, Seventeen and many dailies across America, have published his news and feature photos.


Thoughts about myself and this site:


"I have been excited by photography ever since my father brought me as a child into his home darkroom to watch an image appear in a tray of developer. Years later, I grew to love photography while in the Army in the mid-1960s. I was based in the foothills of the German Alps at a small post that had a good photo lab. A friend of mine on the base, future professional photographer Jim Bengston, encouraged me to purchase a 35 mm SLR. About the same time, I discovered marvelous photos in books by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank and Elliot Erwitt. On my return to the United States, the Associated Press hired me as a writer. During my years with the wire service, my obsession with and passion for photography only grew."


"My delight in the still photograph and good stories remains as strong as ever. I expect this Web site to become a fine place to display my photographs and a home for discussion and interaction with others about photography and the telling of stories."






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